Media Arts + Digital Technologies (MADT) Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

Media Arts + Digital Technologies (MADT) is ACAD’s newest program and offers a professional BFA focused on the intersection of art, culture, technology, and media. Promoting media and technology as a means to artistic expression and cultural production, the MADT program focuses on developing an individual artistic practice whereby students can explore ideas, theories and narratives across many possible technical frameworks. Students are introduced to a wide variety of technological platforms, including audio, video, programming, virtual reality, electronics, and 3D modeling, in addition to a firm grounding in the history, theory and social implications of digital art, design and culture.

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The MADT program fosters a strong sense of independent thought, collaborative practice, research fundamentals, problem-solving skills, and abilities in creative expression and execution. Students are encouraged to explore the links between a wide variety of both digital and traditional art and design practices, finding their own strong individual voice and style. MADT students have experimented with combining media and technology with painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, fibre, fashion and design, creating new and unique forms of expression.

MADT courses are taught by faculty who are internationally active, practicing artists and content developers engaged with research in culture, design. science, language, technology and both fine and applied arts. Curriculum is supported with a wide array of nationally and internationally significant guest artists and practitioners, and regular workshops.

MADT students are expected to demonstrate their developing interests and abilities regularly by means of projects, research papers, assignments and presentations. Students should have access to a networked computer and it is usual for students to purchase a laptop computer and specific software to support their chosen area of study.

Upon graduation students will have developed the professional and technical skills to keep current in artistic, academic, research, technological and professional communities. MADT provides students with the foundation to continue on into individual artistic practice, creative industries, research environments, and continued post-graduate studies.

Program Requirements

Students in all ACAD programs can access individual program requirements within the Academic Calendar, and are responsible for meeting the outlined requirements of their academic program.

BFA Degree Requirements
The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at ACAD

The BFA program at the Alberta College of Art + Design is one of Canada’s most prestigious studio-based fine art programs. Graduates from the program create successful and fulfilling careers in Canada and throughout the world as fine artists, scholars, cultural workers, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs. What programs did they start with, and what did they study?

Who’s Who in the MADT Department at ACAD?

ACAD’s Media Arts + Digital Technology Faculty are an extraordinary group of innovators, researchers, artists and – above all – educators, each with a passion for cutting edge work in their field. Their inquisitive approach to the work they do with students in the studio space has led to countless exciting projects and collaborations and their individual research and practices have been recognized with awards from around the world. They are: