Photography Major - Bachelor of Design Program

The Photography Major at ACAD is actively positioning itself to be one of the top ranked Photography programs in North America. Professional faculty, creative curriculum, state-of-the-art studios, digital print lab, and smart classrooms provide a stimulating environment for image production, while in-depth group critiques provide a dynamic and supportive learning environment for students to develop a personal voice.

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Students in the Major develop the knowledge and tools they need to prepare them for a wide range of photographic careers and professions in industry, the arts, education, and government, and for graduate school. Challenging projects and assignments that balance concepts and techniques work in concert with liberal studies courses to allow them to understand photography from social, cultural and historical perspectives, speak and write about it effectively, and execute work at a professional level.

The program supports the use of photography from multiple perspectives as a vehicle for commercial activity, visual communication, social commentary, self-expression, creativity, criticality, cultural awareness, experimentation, and collaboration.

ACAD’s Photography major is a competitive entry major, and is part of the Bachelor of Design Degree Program.

How to apply
Portfolio Requirements
Recommended completed course work for application to Photography

Applicants who intend to seek admission to Visual Communications Design or Photography should note that the following First Year Studies courses are recommended prior to admission:

Current ACAD students applying to Photography

Applicants to the Photography Major who are currently attending ACAD should download the application below, complete all sections and return it to the ACAD Admissions Office before 4:15pm on April 1, 2011. Late applications and portfolios will not be accepted. Internal applicants must submit portfolios to the Admissions Office on May 2, 2011 between the hours of Noon and 4:00pm. Drop off location will be announced the morning of Friday, April 29, 2011.

The Bachelor of Design program at ACAD

Photography and Visual Communications Design majors prepare students for successful careers as professionals in the discipline, practice and culture of photography and design. An outstanding track record of alumni from both majors has established a reputation of excellence that continues to create opportunities for graduates in the international arena. What is a Bachelor of Design degree, and what does it mean for our students?

Who’s Who in the Photography Department at ACAD?

ACAD’s Photography program Faculty are award winning, accomplished and innovative educators who bring their expertise to students in the studio space every day. As professional practicing photographers and artists themselves, they are committed to sharing their keen understanding of the changing and evolving world of photography, and of the important foundation of technical knowledge and history that equip our students for success. They are: