Location and contact

The MNG encompasses three different exhibition spaces, providing a link between educational and professional environments


The MNG has two locations at ACAD, and one in the downtown core. 

ACAD Main Mall

The MNG’s main gallery space hosts large-scale installations, group shows, and individual bodies of work. It’s located in the main mall at ACAD, across from the IKG. Exhibitions run for two-week periods.

ACAD/Jubilee LRT station hallway space

This large, glass-fronted space is located in the ACAD/Jubilee LRT station hallway. Exhibitions run for one-month periods.

Arts Commons +15 space 

This glass storefront houses smaller-scale installations and exhibitions. Located downtown in the Arts Commons, it's part of the city’s +15 walkway system and enjoys a diverse audience. Exhibitions run for a period of two months.


Contact the MNG at mng.acadsa@acad.ca, or learn more about the gallery at the official MNG website and Facebook page.