The Lodgepole Center

ACAD in the company of its esteemed Elder Council and invited guests held a pipe ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Lodgepole Center on September 21, 2016,

The name, Lodgepole Center, was given by ACAD's Elder Council to reflect the supportive nature of the lodgepole, traditionally placed at the center of the tipi to carry the weight of the covering.

The gathering place will facilitate Elder advising and support, traditional ceremonies and workshops, sharing circles and more. All members of ACAD are welcome to attend as the Lodgepole Center is a dedicated and all-inclusive space.

We invite you to learn and participate in our Indigenous community events on campus, stop by for a quiet place to study, meet with groups or teams, ask questions, smudge, or participate in traditional ceremonies.

The Lodgepole Center is located on the third floor in Room 375 and the hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email Tina Kinnee-Brown or call 403-542-6715.

It takes a great village to build a lodge and the Lodgepole Center would like to thank the following people:


ACAD's Elder Council:

Darryl Brass (Ojibway/Cree)

Linda Brass (Sarcee)

Edmee Comstock (Metis)

Francis Melting Tallow (Blackfoot),

Paul Daniels (Stony Nakoda)

Ruth Salplock (Blackfoot)

Elder Advisor Casey Eagle Speaker (Blood)

ACAD's Students, Alumni, Faculty + Staff:

Dr. Daniel Doz (President + CEO)

Marianne Elder (Associate Vice President, Student Affairs)

Alison Miyauchi (Former Acting Vice President, Research + Academic Affairs) Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal (Himmelspach) (Interim Aboriginal Liason and Alumni, BFA)
Richard Brown (Former Chair, School of Visual Art) Charles Bell (Former Chair, School of Communications Design)
Office of Engagment

Office of Admissions + Recruitment

Office of Student Affairs Office of Finance

The opening of our Lodgepole Center wouldn’t have happened without the continuing and generous support of the Government of Alberta (Access to the Future Fund Initiative) and the Suncor Energy Foundation.


*The Lodgepole Logo was designed by Kristy North Peigan (Alumni, BDes)