Artist Talk: Greg Robb - Urban Salvage Sculpture

Greg Robb, Urban Salvage  Sculpture, mix-media, 2016.

WHEN: Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: Room 532, ACAD

FORMAT: 20 minutes presentations followed by discussions and Q & A.

Artist Statement
My work, ‘Urban Salvage Sculpture’ examines the way that people use and dispose of materials in the modern urban environment.

In particular, I am questioning why used steel, wood and tires are literally thrown on the scrapheap once their primary function has ended and they are deemed no longer useful.

By investigating this practice through the rescue and revitalization of these materials I am creating a new paradigm.

I am re-purposing zero or negative value materials into permanent fine art objects by challenging entrenched value systems, planned obsolescence and commercial advertising.

These materials have value beyond their best before date.

My research methodology involves gathering data on the materials I am interested in; (wood, steel and rubber tires) reviewing and studying the practices of previous and current salvage artists and creating a body of work using the knowledge gained through these efforts.
This talk is a collaboration between U of C Susan Cahill’s- ART699: Topics in Art Theory and Criticism, and ACAD- Mireille Perron’s AHIS300: The Body and her class as host.