Artist Talk: Kari Woo

WHEN: Tues, Feb 28, 2017 at 6 p.m.

WHERE: Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre, ACAD

Artist Kari Woo will talk about self-promotion through her experience as a jeweller and in public art for Professional Practices for Artists. Hosted by Alberta College of Art + Design's School of Critical and Creative Studies.

Kari Woo is a jewellery and mixed media artist based out of Canmore, AB.  Her distinct line of contemporary art jewellery aims to create substance and meaning through design. Woo's accomplished mixed media works favor the use of found objects and have been exhibited across Canada and internationally.  Over the last decade she has been working on a series of assemblages that visually chronicle her family’s history of migration and touch on issues of cultural identity, sense of place and appropriation.  Other past works range from installations, performances and sculpture to interactive art objects and a recent foray into public art.  Kari is a fine art school graduate [ACAD (Honors), 2003], a creative entrepreneur, a former brick + mortar shop owner, an event organizer, community collaborator, aspiring sculptor and proud parent.

Her interests in community development and passion for small business have yielded fruitful partnerships with other creative colleagues over the years including the co-founding of Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Collective in Vancouver, B.C. [2003 -present], INFLUX Jewellery Gallery in Calgary [2004-2011], the inaugural Forage Symposium [2012] – a professional development event for independent makers, the content of which was crowdsourced from participants - and most recently the New Craft Coalition [2013-2015] in Calgary.


Intersections of the natural and urban worlds are where I am most excited when it comes to finding ideas or inspiration for my work. Random Patterns in Nature meet High Fashion.

Natural Architecture meets Modern Sculpture Rigid Lines yield to Organic Forms. Contrasting elements in scale and material are fascinating to me. The notions of Less is More and that there is Perfection in Imperfection are driving forces behind my aesthetic choices. Above all I am a storyteller who uses material and skill to weave together visual narratives that I hope are compelling and meaningful.