Artist Talk: Morgan Campbell

Morgan Campbell, Greenhouse Guerrillas (Detail), oil on canvas, 78cm x 96cm, 2016.

WHEN: Mon, Dec 5 at 4:45 p.m.

WHERE: Room 532, ACAD

FORMAT: 20 minutes presentation followed by discussions and Q & A.

Artist Statement
My creative research practice strives to consolidate my social and psychological self-portrait.

Through a series of self-portrait paintings, I seek to map out my evolving understanding of my role as a performing social body.

In my work, I reflect on the role gender performativity plays as a mechanism of establishing and perpetuating social power hierarchies. Through eccentric costuming, artificial colours,and gender-bending performance, I aim to denaturalize gender constructions into caricatures and hyperbolic imitations of gender.

My paintings work to undercut the politics of social regulation and control by thwarting the legibility of gendered meanings inscribed upon the body.
This presentation is a collaboration between U of C- ART699: Topics in Art Theory and Criticism, Susan Cahill and ACAD- HUMN 321: Contemporary Discourses: Materials and Processes, Mireille Perron. 

Everyone is welcome!