Artist Workshop | The Collage of Indigenization

WHEN: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WHERE: Lodgepole Center (Room 375), Alberta College of Art + Design

ACAD’s artist in resident Rolande Souliere invites students to participate in her social art project The Collage of Indigenization. Beginning will be an introductory session on collage in contemporary art followed by a collage workshop. The collage workshop invites students to contribute to the social art project by creating a collage on what it means to be Indigenous today. This can encompass images, texts, symbols and slogans that portray the diverse socio-political and cultural issues and concerns facing Indigenous people currently. This may include but is not limited to language, misrepresentation, sovereignty, economy, treaty rights, stereotypes, deaths in custody, suicide, healthcare, poverty, housing, environmental issues – to name but a few. Indigenous is used in this context to empower and articulate the complexities and diversity of Indigenous identities and to acknowledge the world’s Indigenous population belongs to a network of people who share experiences of colonization, denial of sovereignty, cultural worldviews and the effect it has had on one’s life.

The Collage of Indigenization has taken place in various locations in Canada and Australia. The aim of the open participatory project is to reach 30 meters in length and exhibited. When exhibited all participants will be acknowledged. Participants are encouraged to bring any personal materials such as photographs, scissors, images, postcards and objects that resonate with the idea(s) with the above subject matter. Paper, pencils, erasers, scissors and some magazines will be supplied.

Please note: Participants are welcome to make as many collages as they like however one collage created during the workshop is requested to be donated as a contribution to The Collage of Indigenization social art project.

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About the Artist

Rolande Souliere works across painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and collage. Souliere’s practice addresses the socio-political and cultural issues and worldviews of her Indigenous heritage by means of incorporating organic forms, labor-intensive material processes, and the assisted readymade.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and a member of Michipicoten First Nation, Souliere lives between Canada and Australia. Souliere initiated The Collage of Indigenization in 2013 as the inaugural visual arts residency of Artback NT in Alice Springs, Australia.