Lost Wax Casting I

Go step-by-step through the jewellery casting process, from designing a wax ring, earring, or broach to the finished product in gold or silver. All aspects of this process will be discussed and demonstrated, including wax modeling, sprueing, investing, burnout, centrifugal and vacuum casting, grinding and polishing. Jewellery moulds and wax injecting for multiples will be covered. With a preliminary focus on wax modeling and carving, and a demonstration on how to utilize a wide variety of waxes, participants will gain an understanding of how to use and choose waxes for different applications, from filing hard jewelers wax for crisp accurate designs to soft modeling wax for free form sculpting, and how to combine the two.

PREREQUISITE Basic jewellery experience is an asset, but not required Please see your course supply list online. Be sure to come prepared for the first class.

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CEJW-004 2
18:30 - 21:30
Xavier Bernal Bladh

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