Spotlight FAQs

Common questions about the Spotlight exhibition and eligibility

Q: Is the artwork for sale?
A: Sorry, we cannot sell the art.  This is an exhibition only. 

Q: I took ACAD Con Ed/Extended Studies classes a long, long time ago. Can I still submit?
A: Yes - absolutely.

Q:  I am teen. Can I submit?
A: Yes, anyone who has taken a ConEd course can submit.  Spotlight will have a youth section and we want to see your fabulous work.

Q: I can’t remember my ACAD Student ID Number. Can I still submit?
A: Yes! Please email us at with your first and last name (when you were a student here) and your birthdate. We will find your ID number for you and send it in a reply email.

Q: Do I have to submit pieces that I made in a Con Ed course? 
A: No. You can submit pieces you created outside of class with the great things you learned in your course - or great things you made in your course! We really want to see what you made from the skills gained through our classes.

Q: I took a design course. Could I submit an assignment project?
A: YES! Absolutely!! But please submit digital photo documentation of the assignment, not the original digital file. Please send a jpeg file. (Don’t submit an Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign file.)

Q: I don’t know how to photograph my pieces. How can I learn to photograph my pieces?
A: For guidance on photographing your art please refer to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts tips

Q: I am jewellery/ceramic student, how do I photograph my pieces? 
A: Anyone submitting three dimensional pieces should take three different photos of three different views of each piece. The three photos should be three different views: front, back, top, or side. Please use the AFA link above for further guidance.

Q: I have never used SLIDEROOM. What do I need to have prepared? 
A: You will need a minimum of three digital photographs/images of the pieces (1 to 3) that you want the jury to review. Sign up with Slideroom and create your user profile first. Then enter again at a later date and upload the digital photographs/images. 

Q: What is the $30.00 fee for with my submission?
A: Slideroom charges for each user to have a user profile. The fee is paid to SLIDEROOM, in American currency.  

Q: What does the jury do with my submission?
A: The three jury panellists have extensive and diverse experience. They represent the areas of art, design, craft as well as knowledge of Con Ed course content and learning outcomes. The jury panellists will gather together and see all the images submitted. They will assign points for each image within a point matrix. The points will be totalled and rank each piece numerically. The ranking determines which pieces are included in the exhibition.

Q: Can I have more than one piece selected for display in the exhibition?
A: YES! You can submit up to three different pieces.  

Q: How and when will I know if my piece(s) have been accepted to the exhibition?
A: You will receive am email no later than May 1, 2017.

Current ACAD staff, faculty, degree students are not eligible. 

For more information: 

Donna Barrett, Operations Specialist, Continuing Education + Professional Development
Alberta College of Art + Design 
T: 403-284-7651