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The Doris Brown Memorial Scholarship (311-0540)

Award eligibility: 
Open to all Painting Majors
Award source: 
In Memory of Doris Brown
Award criteria: 
Merit of work
Award value: 
$2 500
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
ACAD Awards Committee
Application process: 
  1. Upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) to Slideroom
  2. Application Deadline: Oct 1 (*applications will be accepted on the following working day, if the deadline falls on a weekend)
Submit/Submission : 
  • Five (5) images of current work
  • Image list indicating number, title, size, medium and date of completion of work
  • Artist statement

This award has been established in memory of Ms. Doris Brown, with the support of her sister, Ms. Eileen Brown. Doris was a well know Calgary educator and fine art collector who passed away October 23, 2008,  at the age of 97.

Ms. Brown was born in England, came to Toronto, and then moved to Calgary as a young girl. She was the recipient of the I.O.D.E. scholarship in 1929 and trained as a teacher at the Calgary Normal School. After teaching in rural Alberta schools for numbers of years, Doris moved back to Calgary and had a long and successful career in education before becoming the Principal of Rosemont School for many years before she retired. As well, Ms. Brown was a lifelong member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Doris encouraged students to produce art and displayed their works throughout the school. She was an avid art collector and was the co-owner of Anderson Brown Arts, a consulting firm that displayed and sold works of various Canadian artists.

Ms. Brown was a personal friend of many artists such as Annora Brown, Duncan Crawford, Janet Mitchell, Barbara Roe Hicklin and the Stadelbauer sisters as well as many others. She was awarded an honorary life membership to the Alberta Society of  Artists for her timeless dedication and years of service to the society.

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