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Fibre Forward Award

Award eligibility: 
Fibre 2nd, 3rd, 4th year students interested in Research, Travel or Professional Practice.
Award source: 
Fibre Department
Award criteria: 
This scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates leadership and involvement within the Fibre community both at ACAD as well as within the larger cultural community. As well, the student’s professional practice and research that is above and beyond what is required for classes will be considered.
Award value: 
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
Fibre Faculty
Application process: 
  1. Upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) to Slideroom
  2. Application Deadline: Feb 1 (*applications will be accepted on the following working day, if the deadline falls on a weekend)
Submit/Submission : 
  • Three (3) images of work
  • Image list indicating number, title, size, medium and date of completion of work
  • Artist statement + Curriculum Vitae

Level of study:

Award category:

Award semester: