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Joane Cardinal-Schubert Memorial Scholarship (310-0535)

Award eligibility: 
3rd or 4th year Painting majors
Award source: 
Numerous donors in memory of Joane Cardinal-Schubert
Award criteria: 
Merit of work related to ethno-cultural themes with particular emphasis on Aboriginal and First Nations peoples of Canada and merit of statement
Award value: 
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
ACAD Awards Committee
Application process: 
  1. Upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) to Slideroom
  2. Application Deadline: Oct 1 (*applications will be accepted on the following working day, if the deadline falls on a weekend)
Submit/Submission : 
  • Five (5) images of current work
  • Image list indicating number, title, size, medium and date of completion of work
  • Artist statement

Joane Cardinal-Schubert was a painter, installation artist, writer, curator, poet, lecturer and director of video and native theatre. Joane studied art at the Alberta College of Art, the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1977.

Level of study:

Award category:

Award semester: