AHIS 319 - Genre (LS)

This lecture/seminar course focuses upon a specific genre in Art History, exploring its multiple themes and contexts. Possible genre topics include but are not limited to still life, portrait, psychedelia, memento mori, and religious art. Students will discover the history and elements of a genre through a broad range of artefacts and practitioners, and learn to compare and contrast works within it through a variety of critical and theoretical frameworks.

Fall 2017: Art History 319 - Genre: Still Life

Winter 2018: Art History 319 - Genre: A Visual History of Living and Dying


Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Any 200-level AHIS, plus completion of First Year Studies.


A31463Dam, Cassandra
2:00pm - 4:50pm room: 532


A40021Dam, Cassandra
Monday, Wednesday
9:00am - 11:50am room: 520