DRWF 120 - Drawing II: Contemporary Investigations

Drawing II places an emphasis on the exploration of ideas and the development of individual approaches to a variety of topics in contemporary creative practices. The course builds on the fundamentals learned in Drawing 1 and expands traditional notions of drawing by employing diverse strategies that examine methods, media and intent. Students will investigate various contemporary topics including narrative structures, the vocabulary of the photograph, the human body within cultural contexts, perceptual processes and alternatives to illusionistic drawing. Research and experimentation will play an integral role in the development of students’ self-awareness and developing visual language. Students will also gain a knowledge of the creative opportunities that current and emerging technologies provide. Course content will be delivered through studio production, critique, discussion and debate. Students will be expected to complete some course work outside of class time. Students will benefit from the diversity of instruction in First Year Studies that is provided by practicing professionals working in diverse creative fields.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

DRWF.110 or DRWF.115, or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A30057Meszaros, Sondra
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 518
B31333Dyck, Megan
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 512
C30059Dyck, Megan
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 512
D30060Mullin, Mark
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 512
E30061Mullin, Mark
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 516
F30062Nordean, Sarah
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 512
G31407Gorenko, Rick
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 528
H31442Gorenko, Rick
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: 518