Drawing is an open and multidisciplinary area of study at ACAD, and each student’s individual practice is at the centre of the program.

Program description

Students explore a wide variety of media and forms, from traditional materials and modes of representation to video, performance, lens and screen based art projects, sound, and installation.

From the beginning, students are encouraged to discover and explore what is meaningful to them through intensive studio work and research. At the early stages, this exploration is directed through observational, thematic, conceptual and research based projects.

At the upper levels studio work is self-directed, with supporting input concerning research and contemporary contexts.  At all levels, critiques, one-on one tutorials, and self-directed work form the core of the experience.


Richard Brown

Miruna Dragan

Laurel Johannesson

Don Kottmann

Sessional instructors

Alana Bartol

Chris Cran

Ken Dewar

Megan Dyck

Maya Gohill

Sondra Meszaros

Jamie Morris

Mark Mullin

Sarah Nordean

Tanya Rusnak

Dr. Richard Smolinski


Nate McLeod


View the Drawing degree planning guide here.