Artist Talk: Wes Niven of Converse

WHEN: Friday, March 31 at 1 p.m.

WHERE: Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre, ACAD

Wes’ practice focuses on branding, illustration, and custom apparel graphics. The Toronto native now resides in Boston, working as a Designer at the HQ of Converse. With a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from ACAD and a post graduate from SVA, Wes is back in town to collaborate with senior VCD students for the ACAD x Fridge Gallery mural in the gallery on the fifth floor.

Visiting Artist - Artist Melissa-Jo Belcourt Moses

WHEN: Thursday, April 6 from 9 until 3 p.m.

WHERE: Lodgepole Center, ACAD

Visiting Artist Melissa-Jo Belcourt Moses will be giving a traditional beading workshop for ACAD Students, Thursday, April 6 from 9 am until 3 pm in ACAD’s Lodgepole Center.

Materials will be provided for students who pre-register. Space is limited so sign up today in the Lodgepole Center!

Artist Talk: Laurel Johannesson

Image caption: The Oblivion Seekers

WHEN: Tuesday, March 16 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: Room 532, ACAD

Time on the surface could be thought of as linear, flowing like a conveyor belt moving horizontally from the past, present to the future. However, through surveying ideas, philosophies, and representations of temporality, and looking at the interplay between contemporary art and technology, we can understand how time is a much more complex concept.

Artist Talk: Anne Macmillan

WHEN: Thurs, Mar 30, 2017, at 11 a.m.

WHERE: Room 532*

ACAD and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity are pleased to present a talk with Anne Macmillan, the inaugural recipient of the Emerging Atlantic Canada Artist Residency. Interested in how geographies relate to mental states and reflect modes of consciousness, Anne's work is inspired by research into the historical perception of mountains and the depths of caves.

*Artist talk is hosted by HUMN 320 and generously supported by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Artist Talk: Yevgeniya Kaganovich

Yevgeniya Kaganovich
grow, 2012-present
reused plastic bags
dimensions variable

WHEN: Thurs, Mar 30, 2017, at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre, ACAD

Yevgeniya Kaganovich is a Belarus born, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based artist, whose hybrid practice encompasses Jewelry and Metalsmithing, sculpture and installation.

She has received a Masters of Fine Arts from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal/Jewellery at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Artist Talk: Viviane Mehr

WHEN: Tues, Mar 21 at 6 p.m.

WHERE: Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre, ACAD

Viviane Mehr, Founder and Owner of VIVIANEART in Calgary will talk about commercial gallery practices for Professional Practices for Artists.

This talk is hosted by Alberta College of Art + Design’s School of Critical and Creative Studies.