Dr. S C Dam

Sessional Faculty

Critical + Creative Studies

Instructor, Humanities

"As an interdisciplinary researcher and academic my career explores interconnections between disciplines such as classics, communications, education, sociology, and visual art. My current teaching experiences are in art history, visual culture, social science, and communications. My research and teaching explore interdisciplinary theories and methodologies including visual research, hermeneutics, education, communications, aesthetics, and visual culture. I also have experience in integrating art practices into curriculum subjects of science, math, history, geography, and language arts."


PhD Communications + Culture, University of Calgary

MSt. (Oxon) Art History + Visual Culture, University of Oxford

Combined Honours BA, Fine Arts + Classical Studies, University of Guelph

Selected Professional Activity:


Guest Speaker, Alberta Society of Artists, Provincial Exhibition, 'Water', Nov 2, 2017, Calgary Public Library, Calgary, AB 

Guest Speaker, Alberta Society of Artists, Provincial Exhibition ‘Fire’, Feb 23, April 19, 2017 at the Northern and Southern Jubilee Auditoriums, AB

Research Projects

In Progress:

Artist/Researcher, UN-LESS

  • A series of analog photographs exploring themes of body, feminism and mass communication
  • Researcher + Author, Practices of the Preachers: Developing Aesthetics as Practice in Photographic Research (Monograph in production)
  • An exploration of Aesthetics as Practice in the use and production of visual methods for social science research

Researcher ~Author, Arts Integration: How Artists and Teachers Collaborate for Student Learning in the Classroom (Working Title: Monograph in production)

  • A textbook for artists and teachers about integrating artistic practices into curricular subjects (K12) based on longitudinal, qualitative research, and best practice examples from the non-profit organization CAPES (Calgary Arts Partners in Education)


2017 Researcher, Art History, Pedagogical Materials, + Archives, Alberta College of Art + Design

  • Preliminary research into pedagogical materials used in the instruction of art history maintained, and accessed through photographic archives such as the University of Oxford’s Visual Resource Centre

2015 ~ 2016 Research Assistant, Youth Leadership Development, Principle Researcher Dr. Brittany Harker Martin, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Faculty of Education


Selected Publications:


Dam, C. [review the book Suffering, Art, and Aesthetics, edited by Ratiba Hadj-Moussa and Michael Nijhawan]. Visual Studies. DOI:10.1080/1472586X.2015.1110415

Dam, C. [review of the book Light + photomedia: A new history and future of the photographic image by J. McKenzie]. Visual Studies. DOI:10.1080/1472586X.2015.1110414


Dam S. C. and Panayotidis, E. L. July, 2008. Imagining Creative Curricular Inquiries into the World: Examining Teaching and Learning through Arts-Centred Approaches. Summer Institute on Imaginative Education. Vancouver, British Columbia.


Dam S. C., The changing role of the curator. Artichoke: Writings about the Visual Arts, 14(2).


Dam S. C., Mysteries of Egypt and women of the Nile. Artichoke: Writings about the Visual Arts, 13(2), p. 26-29.

Selected Awards:


ACAD FPAC Travel Grant $2,623

SSHRC Connections Grant Co-Collaborator (IVSA) $24,158


IVSA Rieger Award for PhD Dissertation/Thesis  $2,479


Graduate Studies Awards Grants $21,080


Graduate Research Scholarships $27,300