Laurel Johannesson

Permanent Faculty

Visual Art

Associate Professor, Drawing and Print Media



Laurel Johannesson studied at the University of Calgary, the University of Saskatchewan, and the Royal College of Art.  Her print, photographic, interactive, and moving image artworks have been exhibited extensively in Italy, Greece, England, France, India, Iceland, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. She has twice been a visiting artist and scholar at the American Academy in Rome, and an invited artist in residence at institutions in Iceland, Greece, and the South of France.

Laurel is a Fellow of the Bau Institute [Italy] and most recently she had the rare opportunity to conduct some of her research at the Vatican Library. Her research in the area of temporality, the moving image, interactivity, and generative art has been presented at conferences in Rome, Florence, Milan, the University of Greenwich, London, UK and the University of California – Los Angeles. Laurel serves on the editorial board of the Generative Art, Science, and Technology Journal [Milan, Italy], and is founder and co-editor of the Journal of Computational Media Design. 


PhD Candidacy, Computational Media Design, University of Calgary.

Graduate Studies, Printmaking, Royal College of Art, London, UK.

MFA, Printmaking & Digital Media, University of Calgary.

BFA [with Distinction & Distinguished Exhibition], University of Saskatchewan.

BA, Studio Art, University of Saskatchewan.

Selected Professional Activity:

Eighth International Printmaking Biennial of Duoro, Portugal, 2016.

Speaker at Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual Culture conference, University of Greenwich, London, UK.  July, 2015.

Reader & Researcher, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vatican City, 2014

Visiting Artist & Scholar, American Academy in Rome, Italy, 2013 & 2009.

Mondo Liquido [solo exhibition], Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 2013.

Acqua Vellutata Sospesa [solo exhibition], Spiazzi Venezia, Venice, Italy, 2010.

Thirst [solo exhibition], Apothiki Art Center, Parikia, Paros Island, Greece, 2007.

Selected Publications:

Catalyst magazine, Laurel Johannesson - A Life Aquatic, pg. 36-37, Fall 2013.  

Journal of Computational Media Design, Issue 5, ISSN 1925-5691, Flock and Awe Publishing, Editors: Laurel Johannesson + Marjan Eggermont.  December, 2012.

FLAVORWIRE, New York,  NY, Dreamy Photos Captured from an Underwater Perspective, August 25, 2012.  

Designboom, Milan, Italy, photos taken from under the water’s surface by laurel johannesson, August 22, 2012.

GASTHJ: Generative Art, Science and Technology Journal, Issue 1, Eternal Recurrence, Temporality, and Technology: How Contemporary Computer Art Can Learn from Early Modes of Representing Time. Domus Argenia Publishing, Milan, Italy,  May 2012.

ACM Multimedia ’10 Proceedings of the International conference on Multimedia, Acqua Vellutata Sospesa: Interactive Video Painting, ISBN: 978-1-60558-933-6Florence, Italy, October 2010. 

Selected Awards:

Faculty Research Contingency Initiative Grant, Alberta College of Art + Design, 2013, 2011.

Faculty Research & Professional Development Award, Alberta College of Art + Design, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

Visual Arts Project Grant, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001.

Marion Award for Innovation in Research, Alberta College of Art + Design, 2008.                

Honourable Mention (for the integration of new technologies with print), La Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivieres, 2005.    

Multidisciplinary Creation Grant, The Canada Council for the Arts, 2000.