ACAD Improves its Wireless Network

The college has made improvements to our wireless network over the summer that are sure to get your attention.

Faster, Smarter Wireless Access Points:

All wireless access points in the building have been replaced with the latest state-of-the-art access points to offer wider coverage, faster speeds, and the ability to increase the security of our network connections. Connect wirelessly to feel the difference!

Secured Access for ACAD and Restricted Access for Guests

In order to give priority wireless access to students, faculty and staff, while still allowing guests to access the internet, C+TS will be replacing ctsair with two new SSID’s.

  • ACADGuest - allows visitors access to a limited range of services at reduced speeds
  • ACADSecure - allows ACAD users secure access to network resources at lightning fast speeds*
  • CTSAIR - going away in Fall 2016

FREE Worldwide Wi-Fi Access Through eduroam

No need to use your data plan when visiting other institutions around the world as ACAD has been added to the growing list of eduroam campuses - over 17,000 campuses in more than 70 countries worldwide, including SAIT, MRU, and UofC.

When visiting other eduroam campuses, simply select the eduroam access point (SSID), then enter your ACAD user name and password to connect.

*may not be the exact speed of lightning