Previous research

The work of our faculty, staff, and students advances local and international conversations about art and design, push boundaries, and reach new heights of creativity.


Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park research initiative

Researchers: Ben Fullalove, Ron Hawker, Mireille Perron

This complex project was based around the group’s 3D scan of a tipi at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park in May 2013, just before the floods damaged the tipis and the surrounding area. The resulting work was presented at the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), October 17–29, 2013 in Banff. Supported by the Rawlinson Fund.

Finding Home

Researcher: Marty Kaufman

This project’s focus was on researching religious spaces in Rome, resulting in the development of a body of work that illustrates a connection between the secular ethos of spirituality, the liturgical expression of beauty and the significance of place. Kaufman was selected as an artist in residence at the American Academy in Rome, a leading American overseas centre for independent studies and advanced research in fine arts and humanities, from June 15 to July 15, 2013.


However you do it... Consider the Stars

Researchers: Sophie Farewell collective (Shawn Dicey, Eric Moschopedis, Heather Kair Smith, Mia Rushton)

This interactive project featured two sculptural installations with related performances by actors in the guise of town criers during Nuit Blanche. By anonymously texting the town criers, participants shared social, political, and personal messages – hollered by the criers into the night air. Enjoyed by thousands at Nuit Blanche, the propular project also toured Halifax, Charlottetown, Sydney, Toronto, and Montreal.


Revealing Privacy

Reseacher: Ben Fullalove

Ben Fullalove, instructor and Chair of the School of Critical + Creative Studies, has long advocated for clear knowledge and understanding of students and artists alike on issues of copyright, privacy concerns, ethics and related matters. In 2011, Fullalove presented Revealing Privacy to the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the May 2011 Revealing Privacy: Debating Understandings of Privacy Conference.